Certified Birth Certificate for:
  • Driver's License/ID Card
  • Passport or Travel
  • Health Insurance
  • Personal Records
  • Social Security/Benefits
  • School
  • Anything Else
We offer birth certificate expediting and delivery you can count on. 100% Secure online ordering (every state can be faxed or mailed if you prefer). Click on your state of birth to the right to begin your order.
Contact Info
Phone: 888-629-2016
Local: 713-629-8330
Fax: 713-629-0396 or 713-785-1458
Processing Fees

Express/Emergency Orders ship by an overnight courier vary from $25-$69.

Regular Orders ship by US Mail and vary from $11-$36 Plus our service fee of $49.

Our Mission
To be the premier provider of US Birth Certificates. We strive for excellent service to our clients done in a timely fashion. We make getting a birth certificate easy.

States We Cannot Process

The states we cannot obtain birth certificates for are:

Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Rhode Island and Hawaii. We also do not process birth certificates for Puerto Rico.

We CAN process the states below. Please click a state below to start your order with our company.

Call now with any questions: 888-629-2016
Alabama 2-4 days
Alaska 3-4 days
Arizona 3-5 days
Arkansas 2-4 days
California 3-5 days
Colorado 3-5 days
Delaware 3-5 days
DC (Washington) 3-5 days
Georgia 3-4 days
Idaho 4-5 days
Illinois 3-4 days
Kansas 3-5 days
Kentucky 4-5 days
Louisiana 4-7 days
Maine 3-4 days
Maryland 3-4 days
Massachusetts 3-4 days
Michigan 3-4 days
Minnesota 2-4 days
Mississippi 2-4 days
Missouri 3-4 days
Montana 3-5 days
Nebraska 4-5 days
Nevada 4-5 days
New Hampshire 4-6 days
New Jersey 6-9 days
New York City 4-5 days
New York State 4-5 days
North Carolina 5-10 days
North Dakota 3-4 days
Ohio 4-7 days
Oklahoma 5-7 days
Oregon 3-5 days
Pennsylvania 10 days
Puerto Rico 3-4 days
South Carolina 3-5 days
South Dakota 3-4 days
Tennessee 3-5 days
Texas 4-5 days
Utah 3-4 days
Vermont 3-4 days
Virginia 3-5 days
Washington 3-4 days
West Virginia 2-4 days
Wyoming 3-4 days
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