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  • Passport or Travel
  • Health Insurance
  • Personal Records
  • Social Security/Benefits
  • School
  • Anything Else
We offer birth certificate expediting and delivery you can count on. 100% Secure online ordering (every state can be faxed or mailed if you prefer). Click on your state of birth to the right to begin your order.
Contact Info
Phone: 888-629-2016
Local: 713-629-8330
Fax: 713-629-0396 or 713-785-1458
Processing Fees

Express/Emergency Orders ship by an overnight courier vary from $25-$69.

Regular Orders ship by US Mail and vary from $11-$36 Plus our service fee of $49.

Our Mission
To be the premier provider of US Birth Certificates. We strive for excellent service to our clients done in a timely fashion. We make getting a birth certificate easy.
Call now with any questions: 888-629-2016

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Are the certificates USBirthcertificate.com obtains legal?

A:  Yes. The birth certificates we obtain are 100% certified certificates issued by the appropriate government agency for the state where you were born.  These certificates can be used for ANYTHING that requires a birth certificate.

Q:  Is my personal information safe? 

A:  All information that is faxed or sent to USBirthcertificate.com is kept private and confidential.  Your information will NEVER be sold to any outside company.  We respect your privacy.

Q: What happens to my birth certificate if the hospital is no longer open or burned down many years ago?

A: Not to worry, when everyone is born the hospital notifies the state office of your birth and it is recorded usually within 1-2 weeks after your birth which means we can get your birth certificate for you.

Q:  I need my certificate faster than what is posted on your website.  Can you get them any faster?

A:  We can get some states quicker than what is posted on the website.  When emergency service is needed please call us so we can go over the procedure and exact processing time for each case.  There is a one time $25 surcharge for emergency service per name.

Q:  My child does not have a drivers license or identification card?

A:  If applying for a minor please make a copy of one of the parents drivers license.

Q: What happens when my certified birth certificate is delivered to me and some part of the information is printed incorrectly?

A: This situation is very rare but does happen. We have no control on how the information is printed on a birth certificate. When a name is spelled wrong or any information is incorrect it means the county or state has your information printed incorrectly in their records. You will have to contact the county or state to have this information corrected, we cannot do it for you. We can only obtain what is on file with the county or state.

Q:  What if I will not be home when the overnight courier delivers my birth certificate?

A:  Someone must be at the address to sign for the birth certificate when it arrives.  If no one will be at the address, please leave a note taped to your door stating to please leave the package at the door and please sign that note.  If you have to send the certificate to your work address that is fine because someone will be there to sign for it.

Q:  What if the state where my birth took place does not have a record of my birth?

A:  If applying for a birth certificate and when we search for the record and no record is found on file then a no record of birth certificate will be issued.  This no record of birth can be used to obtain a passport if needed. You will be charged by the state and our company for a No Record of Birth.

Q:  Can you send birth certificates internationally?

A:  Yes.  International shipping orders need to have the shipping address left blank on the order form.  You need to type out your full international address on a separate piece of paper and fax that with your order.  International shipping will have an extra Federal Express fee which will be charged to your credit card.

Q:  When can I send my information to USBirthcertificate.com

A:  You can fax your requests to us 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Q: Can USBirthcertificate.com register or change information about a birth?

A: No, we can only obtain records that are already on file with the
appropriate government agency.

Q: Can I send an email to USBirthcertificate.com to ask if a birth
certificate is on file?

A: No, you must fill out the order form and fax it to us.

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